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As our story begins, Cinder and her friends have finally contacted Cress, the Rapunzel of our tale, looking for evidence that will expose Levana's treachery and halt her planned wedding. Cress has been waiting for them to make contact again ever since telling Cinder that Levana knew Kai was looking for Princess Selene. When Cress tells Cinder that she's not on Luna but rather has been trapped in a satellite for seven years secretly doing Levana's spywork, a rescue is planned which goes horribly wrong and splits the party.

I'm starting to feel some concern about the number of happy endings this series is going to require. Each book introduces a new fairy tale heroine and a new romance. Levana and her chief thaumaturge, Sybil, are both unequivocally villainous women with no such entanglements. The closest the story comes to having any moral gray areas is in Wolf and Thorne, men with shady backgrounds who are each trying to prove themselves worthy of their heroine's love, and in Dr. Erland, the man who revealed the truth about Cinder's heritage but has his own share of secrets in his past.

When reading the second book, I was impatient for Cinder to get back to Erland as well as to find Cress. Now we finally find out what Erland has been up to, and why Cinder waited to find him. As for Cress, she turned out to be more helpless than I expected when compared with Cinder and Scarlet, but I did appreciate that she brought out the best in Thorne.


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