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I've heard James Luceno described as an action novelist, in defense of his terse character and landscape descriptions. But I didn't find much action in this novel either, just a series of characters contemplating the various situations in which they found themselves over the course of about six years' time during the Clone Wars and the early days of the Empire.

That said, this does fill in a lot of backstory regarding the relationships between some of the characters featured in Rogue One. We meet Galen and Lyra Erso as young energy researchers expecting their first child. We discover that Galen and Orson Krennic had a boyhood friendship at a gifted prep school, which sowed the seeds for Krennic's lifelong obsession with Galen and his work. We see Krennic and Tarkin vying for early control of the Death Star project, with Krennic undermining Tarkin in order to advance his own career. We see the toll that Galen's kyber crystal research takes on his health and his family. And in the last few pages, we finally see how Saw Guerrera came to know the Ersos and help them escape the Empire.


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