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Name:Kareila's Bookshelf
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Community description:My thoughts on books as I read them.
From 2008-2012 I kept track of the books I read on [ profile] bookslide, a community created by my BFF [ profile] paperlibrarian aka [ profile] dustkitten. But these days she mostly posts stuff on her book blog and all of my other bibliophile friends are on Dreamwidth, so I'm moving my reviews over here starting in 2013.

My ongoing struggle is to read the enormous backlog of books, mostly fantasy and science fiction, that I acquired starting in college when I had disposable income but was too busy to read for fun - as opposed to just reading newer stuff as it comes out, mostly from the library because I've run out of space on my bookshelves and would rather spend my money on my kids. Also, library books have due dates, which are motivation magic! I refer here to the backlog challenge as JRI = Just Read It.

My goals change from year to year, but in general, the number in the entry subject is the Nth book I've read in the current calendar year.

You can also find me on Goodreads at the link above. I don't post reviews there, but I do maintain shelves and star ratings.
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