Feb. 9th, 2017

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Continuing with the Star Wars for now: this is easily the best of the post-reboot novels I've read to date - the pacing, the balance between action and reflection, the setup and the payoff, all very satisfying, plus it doesn't hurt that there are so many women in the story. And I never watched the Clone Wars series (hated the animation style), so I knew very little about Ahsoka Tano going in, but I didn't have any trouble picking up the relevant backstory.

This story starts out about a year after Revenge of the Sith and takes place over several weeks, following Ahsoka as she tries to hide from the attention of the Empire, which has deployed special operatives with orders to find and kill any Jedi that survived the extermination directive. About halfway through the book, some other familiar faces start showing up. Now that I know a little more about Ahsoka, I'm looking forward to seeing her eventual appearance in the Star Wars Rebels TV series, which takes place some dozen years later.


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